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Boost Team Performance and Thriving in 6 Weeks

Empower your people to become measurably more productive and engaged with a human-centric approach to time and work.


MakeTimeFlow is a training framework and toolkit for building future-forward organizations through improved cognitive performance and work culture. Transform ineffective and stress-inducing time- and work patterns into impactful, purpose-driven productivity through simple daily practices in minutes a day. 

Developed and led by Narath Carlile, MD MPH

The impact on my well being and my professional productivity has been enormous. I will never go back to my old way of doing things.

Rob Larity, CMT, CFA

Founder & Chief Investment Officer,
Cognitive Investments

The MakeTimeFlow system helps teams thrive by strengthening:


A Sense of Flourishing in Life
How to value, plan and invest their Time where it matters

Our mission is to help individuals and their organizations to thrive. We train your team in neuroscience-based techniques that help them perform at their best in a highly distracted and disrupted culture.


A Sense of Purpose 
Ensure everyone has goals that create clarity & direction

MakeTimeFlow's planning tools help maintain deep engagement in work by connecting daily and weekly actions to personal long-term vision and personal strengths. Future purpose fosters resilience.


A Sense of Accomplishment
Establish team norms that support focus & quality

Dr. Carlile works with teams to design protocols that improve people's ability to regularly do deep work and achieve flow states, improving productivity, satisfaction and significantly reducing errors. 


Having your team trained by MakeTimeFlow will help to:

  • Reduce costly burnout and turnover
  • Improve team engagement
  • Improve individual wellbeing and happiness
  • Develop personalized strategies for work-life harmony
  • Provide an opportunity to co-create a fresh framework for your team and its individuals to succeed
  • Foster a culture of sustainable high performance and impact
  • Enhance team collaboration and communication through clear team norms
  • Empower participants to set and achieve personal and professional goals, to strengthen their sense of meaning and purpose

Retreat Participants Say

"Awesome – good topics – very pertinent."

"Excellent – so much information..."

"One big take away for me was that I am not the only one struggling greatly with productivity. It was reassuring!"

"The concept of flow, why it's essential (happiness!) and how to achieve it, will be very important to me going forward."

"Super helpful! It was practical and easy to follow."

"The event was really well organized."


How the Program Works

MakeTimeFlow is designed to create a lasting and effective transformation for individuals and teams. The hybrid program includes in-person events, self-paced learning, and personalized coaching.

The opening and closing in-person events (at a mutually selected location) are an important team-building and learning experience, which are then buoyed by regular online check-ins over the duration of the program. In parallel, each individual receives personalized coaching and tools for daily practice.

The 5 pillars of the MakeTimeFlow program include:

  1. A 'Kickoff' Full-Day Team Retreat (Live Event) 
    The program kicks off on a Friday with an impactful in-person event designed to set the tone and lay the foundation for change. This event includes a series of masterclasses led by Dr. Carlile, as well as group discussions and small group exercises.

  2. Weekly Group Check-ins (Online) 
    Touching base allows participants to share progress, discuss challenges, and receive guidance from facilitators and peers.

  3. Individual Coaching Sessions (Online) 
    Each team member will have a chance to meet one-on-one via zoom with Dr. Carlile and his team to discuss individual goals, challenges and pathways.

  4. Self-Paced Learning Platform & Tools 
    Participants also receive:

    • The Desktop App: Full year access to the self-paced platform including video modules, Flow timer, and data insights that allow for highly personalized progress-tracking.

    • Flow Workbook Subscription: 3-month* supply of the monthly paper-planner tool for practicing high-performance goal setting, time management and powerful daily habits (the planner arrives by mail each month). (*or more)

    • Flow 'TimeBox' Device: A tactile tabletop timer used for practicing intentionality by timeboxing tasks. Tracks usage data for personal reflection in the app dashboard.
  5. A 'Finale' Half-Day Team Retreat (Live Event):
    To bring the program full circle and launch the team successfully, we gather at the end of the six weeks for an afternoon of insights and celebration.


Dr. Narath Carlile leading a training session in Kendall Square, Cambridge MA 

The science-based strategies help re-orient yourself with how you're spending time, through reflection and action-oriented strategies. The coaching was fantastic and really helped me solve obstacles that were interfering with engaging in meaningful areas in life.

Maia G.

South Carolina

How to get MakeTimeFlow for your teams


Interested in bringing Dr. Carlile's Flow program to your team?
Get in touch!

What's Included: The Training, Toolkit & Cohort


Flow TimeBox

A unique tool that embodies the Flow way, helping employees work with focus & purpose, and avoid rabbit holes.


Flow Workbook

The companion 4-week focus planner. Each participant receives a fresh workbook by mail each month.


App & Nudges

The self-guided app (web or desktop) offers reminders, quick videos, tools and personal stats to visualize patterns.


Train & Coach

Retreats, Coaching + Virtual Group meetups included. Peer support, plus expert guidance from Dr. Carlile.

Upcoming Live Events


1:00pm (EST) - Dr. Narath Carlile leads a webinar on "What HR Leaders Should Know About the Science of Sustainable High Performance" (Online, third party event with Wellable). Register here


4-5pm (EST) - Free Masterclass - "How To End Your Year Well & Prepare for Success in 2024" (Online)


1-Day "Flow & Flourish 2024 Retreats" in Boston. Dates TBA. Full day of learning, skill-building and community. Meals & Materials included. Tickets $795. To add your name to the waitlist, please email us

What Every HR Leader Should Know About The Science of Sustainable High Performance Webinar thumbnail

"Employees who are not engaged cost their company the equivalent of 18% of their annual salary."

- Gallup's 10th employee engagement meta-analysis


For an employee making $90K a year, that's a $16K cost.

For a fraction of that, their company can upgrade their approach and tools, and boost engagement, team thriving and productivity by 20-40% using Flow techniques.



Narath Carlile, MD MPH


An excellent,
supportive and wise coach.

Lisa V. Adams MD, Associate Dean, Dartmouth

Narath offers not only vital information / expertise, but warmth and empathy that allows participants to engage fully.

Harvard/MIT workshop participant

Narath is fantastic.

Veterans leadership training participant

"Advancing human thriving and flourishing through smarter work practices should be a priority for every business leader. It's a complete win-win." - Dr. Narath Carlile

Dr. Narath Carlile is an educator, innovator, physician and consultant who works to further human flourishing through 'human-centered time management' and cognitive high performance.

Concerned  by rising rates of burnout and disengagement among professionals in healthcare and other sectors, he founded MakeTimeFlow with Heli Tuomi as a platform for developing and furthering "more powerful and humane" work practices - around time, focus, flow skills. These practices and tools harness the latest research from neuroscience and psychology to generate improved outcomes first for people, and by extension, their organizations.

Narath is also a practicing physician Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston and board-certified in Internal Medicine and Clinical Informatics, with additional expertise in Global Health, Social Equity, and Health Innovation. He also teaches at Harvard Medical School,

Narath holds a BSc in Computer Science (York), MD (Dartmouth) and MPH (Harvard). He is recipient of multiple awards, including the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award and the Excellence in Medicine American Medical Association Foundation Leadership Award; and a member of the Alpha Omega Medical Honor Society and the Gold Humanism in Medicine Honor Society. 

Originally from South Africa, after a stint in Canada, Narath now resides with his family in Boston.

This program brings home how valuable and powerful your time and attention actually are. We squander so much of it on things that don't matter. How to change that? Adopting the Flow way feels like a serious level-up. It's actually life-changing.

Hagan C.
Creative Director


"I went from being skeptical of 'yet another system' to being a strong believer in this MakeTimeFlow approach. The impact on my well being and my professional productivity has been enormous.


I used time-blocking and a hodgepodge of other methods before, but I never had the diligence to stick with them.

MakeTimeFlow put me over the edge and finally got me into a rhythm of managing my time thoughtfully and well. 

I could feel the change not just in my productivity, but even at the bodily level, with less frantic running around, less stress, etc. 

MakeTimeFlow is NOT a 'system' or a gimmick. It is a method for taking all the best elements from all the other various systems, using rigorous science to gauge what actually has value, and then putting together a FRAMEWORK for diligently applying them to your day-to-day. 

The most important part of MakeTimeFlow, for me, are the physical objects -- the timer, and the notebook. To have something physical on the desk, that you can carry around with you, is key. The workbook acts as a talisman, constantly keeping you engaged and focused. Physically writing in the book and using it as a map for the day is a huge benefit.  

As someone who has tried all the productivity gimmicks under the sun, I also love the fact that everything in the MakeTimeFlow workbook is backed by real research, references, etc. right in the book itself, so you know it's been rigorously researched. 

This is a system that respects your intelligence and, I'm sure, will change in time as new and better research is incorporated into the framework. 

I went from being skeptical of 'yet another system' to being a strong believer in this MakeTimeFlow approach. 

The impact on my well being and my professional productivity has been enormous. 

I will never go back to my old way of doing things."

Rob Larity, Founder & CIO
Cognitive Investments


If you truly love life, don't waste time,
because time is what life is made of

Bruce Lee