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Make Time For What's Most Important in Work & Life

Science-backed, data-driven training and tools to help you thrive.


Flow TimeBox timer

The delightful retro-style push button timer that trains you to think more multi-dimensionally and work more intentionally. Connects with Flow app for personalized tracking and data.

Flow Workbook planner

Your daily companion to maximum impact each day, week, month, and for life. A subscription-based planner that keeps life uncluttered and focused with a clean slate each month.
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Solutions For Individuals

Ready to level up professionally and personally? Get trained & tooled up in the most effective productivity methods known to science.
For Teams / organizations

Solutions For Teams & Organizations

Empower your people to become measurably happier, more productive and engaged with a human-centric approach to time and work.
Developed By

Narath Carlile, MD MPH

Founder, MakeTimeFlow

An excellent,
supportive and wise coach.

Lisa V. Adams MD, Associate Dean, Dartmouth

Narath is fantastic.

Veterans leadership training participant


Dr. Narath Carlile is an educator, innovator and physician who works on the issue of human flourishing through the lens of  cognitive high performance and time mastery.

He trained at Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston and is board certified in Internal Medicine and Clinical Informatics, with additional expertise in Global Health, Social Equity, and Health Innovation. 

Narath holds a BSc in Computer Science (York), MD (Dartmouth) and MPH (Harvard). He is also recipient of multiple awards, including the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award and the Excellence in Medicine American Medical Association Foundation Leadership Award, and a member of the Alpha Omega Medical Honor Society and the Gold Humanism in Medicine Honor Society. 

Originally from Durban, South Africa, Narath grew up in Canada and now resides with his family in Boston.

He founded MakeTimeFlow with Heli Tuomi as a platform for sharing science-based, actionable knowledge with individuals and organizations interested in improving well-being and outcomes through better focus and time allocation. 

Brings home the relevance of how valuable and powerful your time and attention actually are, how a lot of us squander it on things that don't matter, and how to change that. Adopting the Flow way feels like a serious level-up. It's actually life-changing.

Hagan C., Creative Director & Producer

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For individuals

For Individuals

A more human-centric time management approach that helps you thrive in life.

For Teams / organizations

For Teams / Organizations

When your people thrive, your company thrives. Book Dr. Carlile for a consultation.